Latin American Business Owner's Guide of Third Party Logistics (3PL) Process Standards

Latin American Business Owner’s Guide
Of Third Party Logistics (3PL) Process Standards

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3PL Miami

Logistics Done Right, Every Time

Other 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) Companies Cut Corners And Just Hope And Pray Your Shipment Arrives On Time. At GV USA Logistics, We Prefer To Work With Highly Trained, Connected And Skilled Customs Brokers So Your Freight Shows Up On Time With Zero Problems, Issues Or Setbacks.*

Jorge Garcia, President - 3PL Miami

Jorge Garcia

CEO GV USA Logistics | 3PL Miami

Hi, my name is Jorge Garcia, and I absolutely refuse to cut corners, shave processes or give deflated delivery times just to get your business. I Only Know How To Ship Freight To Latin America One Way—It’s Called The Right Way.

Here is what I mean. We are licensed with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and have provided proof of financial responsibility for payment of claims. Additionally our tariffs showing all rates, charges, classifications, rules, and practices between all ports are published as required by the FMC. Not all 3rd Party Logistics providers are…

So Who Would You Trust—FMC Licensed Or Unlicensed?

Everywhere Latin American Business Owners Are Raving About GV USA Logistics!

If you are considering shipping with anyone who offers a substantially lower rate, I Can Guarantee they are cutting corners somewhere in the process that will certainly end up Costing You More in the long run—A LOT MORE. For instance, are you aware that if you use the lowest price trucking company to ship your goods to Miami or other U.S port, there is a strong likelihood that your cargo could be hijacked or stolen in transport. How Comfortable Does That Make You Feel?

We have long established relationships with some of the largest and most dependable common carriers in the nation and we use them exclusively. They cost more, but not that much more and it’s worth it. We can work with your customs broker if you have one, or you can use ours. We have well established and long-term relationships with customs brokers throughout Central and South America. When your freight arrives at our warehouse we turn your freight around faster than anyone in the business, whether you’re shipping a full container load (FCL) or less than a container load (LCL). We have the experienced freight handlers on staff who will pack and palletize your goods in the most efficient and effective manner with all the proper packaging, labeling, and required identification for customs and then load it into containers and have it on its way Usually The Same Day We Receive It.


We Never Cut Corners In Anything We Do.

We Only Know One Way To Ship Your Goods—The Right Way

We Know What It Takes To Get Your Cargo Quickly And Safely To Your Desired Destination—Period.


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Meet Our Team

Jorge Garcia, 3PL Miami

Jorge Garcia


Nora Garcia - Owner & Office Manager - 3PL Miami

Nora Garcia

Vice President

Idanis Rodriguez - Traffic Manager | 3PL Miami 

Idanis Rodriguez

General Manager USA

Alex Bolanos - Inventory Specialist | 3PL Miami

Alex Bolaños

Specialist in Value
Added Warehousing
and Pick-Pack Services

Orlando Garcia - Packing Expert | 3PL Miami

Orlando  Garcia

Expert Packing and
Local Transport

Giancarlo Hernandez - Cargo Consultant Columbia | 3PL Miami

Giancarlo Hernandez

Cargo and
Transportation Advisory
– Colombia

Margarita Buelvas - Office Manager Columbia | 3PL Miami

Margarita Buelvas

General Manager
– Colombia

Alberto Mozo - Customer Service Colombia | 3PL Miami

Alberto Mozo

Customer Service Specialist
– Colombia

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