Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are your shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on:

  • The type of shipping: By sea or air (and how fast is required).
  • Physical weight and weight by volume.  It is charged at the higher of the two. (Use our Dimensional Weight Calculator)
  • The merchandise being sent:
    • Are there any dangerous goods with or without government restrictions?  
    • How valuable are your goods?  
    • Are any of your goods very delicate or prone to breakage and will require special packaging?
  • Destination: Will it be going to the urban area of cities or locations outside of those cities?
  • Shipping method: Door to door (Courier) less than 100 pounds or nationalized cargo that is more than 100 pounds?

How often and how long does it take to ship the cargo?

Air cargo is shipped twice a week and delivery time ranges between 4 to 8 days. Maritime cargo is usually shipped every Wednesday and delivered to the port city, for example: Barranquilla, Cartagena is usually between 7 – 10 days after the date of shipment.

What are the usual methods of payment?

You must pay in advance for the transport of cargo. You can pay by cash, cashier’s check, bank transfer or credit card.

It is invoiced in US dollars but can be paid in the currency of the country in which the shipment is received at the foreign exchange rate charge by your bank.

What documents are needed to ship cargo?

Commercial Invoice, packing list and delivery receipts.  The documents required depend on the type of goods being handled.

Are there regulatory requirements of government agencies?

Yes, we are required to keep up with all FAA, TSA, and FMC regulations.  GV USA Logistics is IAC (indirect air carrier) and has a backup of the TSA files.  To accomplish this we must declare all the goods we are dispatching and the goods we are dispatching must be on the list of permitted goods.  Also, each person must find out if their home country allows them to import their purchases and if there are any special requirements

Do I need to purchase insurance for the value of my shipment?

This is an option that the customer can choose from. Most terrestrial carriers, airlines and shipping companies only respond for what they are paid for in weight through shipping fee. If your merchandise weighs 5 pounds they only pay you what has been paid to them for the 5 pounds. So if your merchandise is valuable and delicate you have the option to secure it by purchasing insurance.

Does GV USA Logistics handle household and personal goods?

Yes, we ship by sea in containers, or loose cargo by plane.

Can I send boats, vehicles and heavy equipment internationally?

Yes, but it is necessary that you check beforehand the requirements of the country and check that all required documents are submitted.

Does GV USA pick up cargo?

We can take care of coordinating the pickup of your cargo anywhere, you just tell us the complete address and zip code as well as how fast you need it. After getting quotes from several carriers, we notify you of the cost and time for approval.

If my cargo needs packaging or special wrapping can you do it?

Yes, we have trained personnel for packaging and wrapping, and the cost of it will be in accordance to time and materials needed to do the packaging.