GV USA Company Profile

GV USA Company Profile

GV USA Logistics - Miami HQThe GV USA  Company Profile:

We are a privately held corporation dedicated to exemplary client service. Our tenets of outstanding customer service are:



  • Focus on your requirements without compromising compliance accuracy

  • High-touch client service

  • Vast depth and breadth of our trade expertise

  • Our commitment to Latin American logistics

  • Our staff is an experienced group of professionals whose longevity is exemplary in the logistics industry.  Their expertise provides you with an outstanding service differentiation.

The tenets of the GV USA company profile can help you meet your service and time commitments, anywhere you do business around the world to destinations throughout Latin America. With thePerfil de la compañía GV USA flexibility, scalability and coverage you need to meet the changing demands of your supply chain, we can optimize your network to include transportation and freight, distribution, customs brokerage, and final delivery.

Whether you move goods from Shenzhen to Miami or Bogota, Shanghai to Barranquilla or Panama, Istanbul to Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro, GV USA Logistics is your one stop for freight transportation and clearance services. We are the premier boutique 3rd party logistics (3PL) provider in Miami, Florida as well as a leading global air freight forwarder. And GV USA Ocean Freight Services is the leading boutique 3PL provider.

Our Supplier Management service can proactively manage your international vendors and suppliers, logistics, orders, and shipment details from purchase order through delivery. We can help your company to overcome differences in languages, cultures, time zones and distance. 

We offer a number of Value-added Warehousing services including Fulfillment and E-fulfillment, Postponement, Repacking, Cross Docking, and Merge in Transit.  GV USA Logistics is the premier provider of Personalized Logistics Services for Latin American companies importing goods from around the world. 

Technology is strategically important when managing logistics operations in Latin America. The reality is that transportation is highly fragmented. Cargo transporters have to deal with many small, fragmented owner-operators. In Brazil, each state levies a myriad of unique regulations and taxes. This creates major hurdles as it generates a web of transactions for our cargo Transport Management System (TMS) to handle. A TMS is too expensive for a single company to justify, particularly in a region where capital is tight. That is why GV USA is investing in cloud-based infrastructure where the expense can be spread across a multitude of providers and vendors. Otherwise, Latin American companies without a TMS end up doing a lot of manual work.”

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