Iron Clad On Time Guarantee

Iron Clad On Time Guarantee

Iron Clad On Time GuaranteeGV USA Supply Chain Solutions can help you meet your service and time commitments with our Iron Clad On Time Guarantee; anywhere you do business around the world to destinations throughout Latin America.  With the flexibility, scalability and coverage you need to meet the changing demands of your supply chain; we can optimize your network to include transportation and freight, distribution, customs brokerage, and final delivery.

Whether you move goods from Shenzhen to Miami or Bogota, Shanghai to Barranquilla or Panama, Istanbul to Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro, GV USA Logistics is your one stop for freight transportation and clearance services.  We are the premier boutique 3rd party logistics (3PL) provider in Miami, Florida as well as a leading global air freight forwarder.  And GV USA Ocean Freight Services is the leading boutique 3PL provider.

Our Supplier Management service can proactively manage your international vendors and suppliers, logistics, orders, and shipment details from purchase order through delivery. We can help your company to overcome differences in languages, cultures, time zones and distance.

With GV USA Logistics supporting your international business, your company can be faster, more efficient, and better able to serve your customers throughout Latin America.  For instance, GV USA can bypass distribution centers and remove days from your supply chain, thereby simplifying logistics management, reducing costs and minimizing risks.  Take advantage of this faster three day shipping service with guaranteed delivery times throughout the Latin America including third business day delivery to any major city in Latin America.

Cargo Insurance: Total Loss vs. All Risk

Did you know that most insurance from your supplier, or shipping company, does not cover many types of common losses?  How will it affect your company’s bottom line to lose the value of an entire shipment?  Losses during transport occur daily.  Cranes puncture containers, water makes its way in, and thieves get smarter faster than we can invent better locks and seals.  Statistics show that an importer will be involved in one case every eight years.

Don’t Rely on Your Carrier

A carrier’s insurance does not cover you. Their liability is insured, but they limit their liability by contract.

Make sure to double check the contract. You may find these limitations…

Ocean Carrier: $500 per package or customary freight unit

International Air Carrier: $9.07 per lb. or $20 per kilo

Domestic Air Carrier: $0.50 per lb.

The BEST way to protect your goods being shipped is to be certain you are insured against All Risks of physical loss or damage (partial & total loss) resulting from any external cause while in transit (door to door); including extended coverage for Loading and Unloading, War, Strikes, Riots, Civil commotions, Duty, Theft and Non-delivery of any portion of the shipment (individual items and/or the entire shipment). Subject to the Standard terms and any applicable special commodity terms and deductible listed below.

We offer the broadest All Risk coverage available anywhere, subject to very little exclusions which are standard in every cargo policy and are considered to be rare; such as terrorism, nuclear events, radioactive contamination, delay in transit, improper/unsuitable packaging and willful misconduct by the insured. For full details of coverage, please view the Standard Terms and Conditions.

Full Latin America Air Freight Service

We offer guaranteed and non-guaranteed air freight services within and between Miami and Latin America.  Options include three-day transit times, and date-specific delivery for less urgent shipments. Whether your freight is palletized or loose, our dedicated freight team can offer you minimized handling with the service reliability that has been associated with GV USA for more than 30 years.

Shipments Subject to Delay

The following conditions may delay delivery of the shipment to the consignee and shipments subject to such conditions are not eligible for Guaranteed Service, and if accepted for Guaranteed Service, are not eligible for the Guaranteed Service remedy set forth in our General Terms and Conditions:

  • Shipments that have dimensions too large for available aircraft.
  • That are improperly or inadequately packaged, labeled, or marked or that lack proper documentation.
  • Tendered by another carrier or by the shipper that do not enter the GV USA system in time to meet GV USA departure times or critical processing requirements.
  • For which the consignee address or Zip/postal code is missing, incorrect, or incomplete.
  • Requiring government approvals, licenses, permits or processes prior to export or import.
  • Subject to Transportation Protective Services.
  • Difficult to handle, including oversized or unwieldy cargo.
  • For which GV USA is instructed (either by instruction on the Air Waybill or marking or labeling on the shipment) to refrain from breaking down a palletized shipment.
  • Containing Dangerous Goods.
  • Requiring customs clearance and shipments subject to government agency requirements other than customs clearance, such as inspection of commodities.
  • Check to Shipper (CTS).
  • Subject to security requirements of a carrier or government agency, or other authority.

Customs Clearance

All shipments that cross international borders shall be cleared through Customs in the destination country prior to delivery to the consignee. Customs clearance is the responsibility of the shipper and/or consignee, and this service can be performed by GV USA upon written request.

GV USA will, upon request and automatically for shipments inbound to the United States and cleared Miami, Florida with a declared Customs value under $25,000, submit international shipments inbound to the U.S. to Customs and/or other regulatory agencies for clearance in its capacity as a customs broker, except as provided in subsections below, or where the shipper or consignee has specified a broker other than GV USA, and subject to certain additional exceptions (available by contacting GV USA, and for example, regulations of the FTC or FDA, quota, visa, government contract entries, temporary import bonds, U.S. goods returned).  In its capacity as customs broker or if GV USA elects to act as importer of record in respect to consignee of a shipment, GV USA may advance duties and taxes on behalf of the shipper and consignee provided appropriate credit arrangements have been made in advance (an additional fee will apply). In all instances when GV USA provides customs brokerage services in the United States, the services are subject to and provided in accordance with the GV USA Supply Chain Solutions Terms and Conditions for brokerage services in the United States in effect at the time of the services, the terms of which are incorporated herein by this reference, and which are available on request or at Clad On Time Guarantee

For GV USA Express Freight shipments, GV USA will provide routine customs clearance at no additional charge.  If the shipper or consignee selects a broker other than GV USA, the guarantee for on-time delivery does not apply.

When shipments are held by Customs or other government agencies due to incorrect, insufficient, or missing documentation, or other failure to comply with applicable  requirements, GV USA will attempt first to notify the consignee. If local law requires the correct information or documentation to be submitted by the consignee and consignee fails to do so within a reasonable time as GV USA may determine, the shipment will be considered undeliverable.  If the consignee fails to supply the required information or documentation and local law allows the shipper to provide the same, GV USA will attempt to notify the shipper.  If shipper also fails to provide the information or documentation within a reasonable time as GV USA may determine, the shipment will be considered undeliverable.

Shipments requiring documentation in addition to the Air Waybill (including, but not limited to a commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, import/export permit and any documents required to perform customs clearance formalities) may require additional transit time.  Proper completion of necessary documentation and accurate commodity descriptions are the responsibility of the shipper.

All non-document shipments to Anguilla, Antigua, Martinique, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, regardless of value, shall be cleared through Customs by the consignee.  All non-document shipments to St. Vincent, Uruguay and Grenada valued over $50; to Argentina valued over $100; and to Brazil and Chile valued over $500, shall be cleared through Customs by the consignee.  In these cases, Customs paperwork will be delivered to the consignee. In this instance, delivery of paperwork constitutes shipment delivery.

U.S. CBP regulations require the IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN) or, if an individual, the Social Security Number (SSN) of the U.S. consignee for certain shipments being imported into the United States. THIS INFORMATION SHALL BE INCLUDED ON THE INTERNATIONAL AIR WAYBILL AND COMMERCIAL INVOICE ON ALL INBOUND SHIPMENTS. The EIN or SSN must be on file with the U.S. CBP. Any changes to a company name, address, or the EIN/SSN should be provided to GV USA for system updating.

This U.S. CBP requirement applies to shipments with a declared value for Customs of $2,000 or more, and for the following commodities regardless of value: textiles or textile products; leather or leather products; and goods that are restricted or controlled requiring a formal entry by the U.S. CBP.

Shipments scheduled for delivery that do not have the correct EIN or SSN may be detained until that information can be obtained from the consignee or otherwise determined, and GV USA shall have no liability arising therefrom.

For each and every shipment, shipper represents, warrants, and certifies that all statements and information contained in the documentation provided to GV USA relating to importation and exportation are true, complete, and correct.  In addition, shipper understands that civil and criminal penalties may be imposed for making incorrect, false or fraudulent statements, or for the violation of any laws or regulations on importation or exportation.  Shipper is solely responsible for determining any import or export license requirements and for obtaining any export or import license or other official authorization. GV USA’s liability for negligent acts or omissions is limited as set forth in our Limitation of Liability.

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