Logistics Services in Central America

Logistics Services in Central America

Logistics Services in Central AmericaWe provide shipping and logistics services in Central America and between the U.S. and all major South American countries and ports, including Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Panama, Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica. Mexico and the Caribbean.  We’re experts in handling a wide range of containerized goods – FCL and LCL, vehicles of all shapes and sizes and project cargo, as well as textiles and apparel. Our enduring relationships with the top airlines and ocean freight lines with regularly scheduled routes, combined with our extensive logistics capabilities and Latin America’s proximity to the U.S., enables us to deliver an unprecedented speed to market for the growing number of companies choosing import goods from across the globe into the region.

Given the geographic proximity and logistics development, more and more Latin America is on the radar of U.S. distribution networks—and on the minds of progressive global supply chain executives.

Considering how the cost/benefit ratios of China and the other Asian markets continues to rise plus the inherent difficulties of pulling Asian-origin cargo through more and more congested West Coast ports; new and ongoing development of transportation and logistics infrastructure in the region, and growing foreign direct investment from the United States and other major markets, the Latin America’s two leading economies—Mexico and Brazil—are making significant inroads to transform Latin America into an emerging logistics powerhouse.  Logistics services in Central America will play a major role in the future expansion of global trade throughout the region.

Mexico’s low manufacturing costs have long been a plus, however the lack of significant development in their transportation infrastructures has been a major impediment to a seamless logistical supply chain as is the case throughout most of Central America.

Historically, Mexico has been sluggish about investing in growing, and fortifying its transportation connections, but recent changes in government leadership is finally making progress in a more Logistics Services in Central Americaprogressive and committed approach to driving infrastructure improvements, as well as intermodal partnerships and trade agreements with the USA and other growing economies throughout Latin America and across the globe.

Brazil’s economy, however is the real powerhouse because of its abundant commercial growth, anchored by a strong commodities market. Brazil’s imports totaled $233 billion in 2012. Additionally export volumes are anticipated to rise due to Brazil’s strong currency compared to the U.S. dollar, as well as their lower labor costs. This demonstrated growth record has given both the government and private sector more reason to continue to develop transportation infrastructure to meet the near insatiable demand.

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