Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team Members

Jorge Garcia


Jorge is an expert in logistics with 35 years of experience. Oversees every detail of the cargo, from the time it arrives to the time it leaves the warehouse. Coordinates, plans, implements and manages the administrative, commercial, operating and financial activities of the Company. Advices customers to their best transportations options. Supervises and coordinates all cargo shipments. 100% committed to the safety of the cargo and customer satisfaction. Provides customized service to every client.

Norita Garcia

Vice President

Norita is the head of Customer Services – she maintains contact with customers and suppliers – is the linchpin between Airlines, Ocean shippers, & local delivery companies – She is responsible for overseeing all of the staff in the US and Colombia.

Idanis Rodriguez

General Manager USA

Idanis is third in command and replaces the President and Vice President in their absence. She has extensive knowledge in logistics management – specializes in traffic, documentation, reservations and information systems. Idanis maintains continuous and direct contact with clients, suppliers and shipping companies.


Alex Bolano

Specialist in Value Added Warehousing and Pick-Pack Services

Alex organizes and manages the inventory of all cargo that arrives, leaves or is stored in our warehouse. He excels in identifying and splitting cargo according to the instructions of the client.

Orlando Garcia

Expert Packing and Local Transport

Orlando is our expert in packing and shipping for air and ocean transportation; air cargo co-mingling, consolidated full container loads or Less than full Container Loads (LCL). He is in charge of making sure the cargo reaches its destination in the same condition in which it leaves – He also supervises and directs local pick-ups of cargo.

Giancarlo Hernandez

Cargo and Transportation Advisory – Colombia

Giancarlo is responsible for managing the widely varying and unique needs of our customers. He is a recursive person with excellent contacts. He is a wizard in calculating volumes and spaces of containerized cargo and bulk cargo. Giancarlo has a knack for making it fit so it ships.

Margarita Buelvas

General Manager – Colombia

Margarita is our General Manager in Colombia. She directs and controls all operations. She is the first customer contact. She oversees public relations, collections, customer service, plans, organizes and maintains a positive image of the company to our customers. Margarita oversees and facilitates the necessary channels to ensure timely arrival and delivery of documents and merchandise to our clients.

Alberto Mozo

Customer Service Specialist – Colombia

Alberto is our resident expert in Customer Service and Public Relations. With over thirty years of experience in this area – our team acts as a link between customers and the company, offering helpful, friendly and efficient service as it has direct contact with all of them. – Alberto is an expert in domestic transport throughout Colombia.