Pick Pack Services Miami

Pick Pack Services Miami

Pick Pack Services MiamiGV USA, your Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider of choice offers our clients personalized pick pack services Miami in addition to our consolidation and deconsolidation of your cargo to get it wherever you want it to go in whatever quantities you require.  We’ll pick and pack goods from your inventory and send it on its way within 24 hours or less.  With our extensive suite of e-commerce solutions, we handle segregating items, repacking for individual orders, creating bar or QR codes, shipping labels and invoices.  We manage your fulfillment to free up your time so you can focus on your core business.

From our Shopify online ordering and quality control system we are able to double-check each order for accuracy before sending it out. Our fulfillment process is closely monitored by our fulfillment experts and starts when an order is received into our warehouse distribution center. From there, our fulfillment team picks the order from your inventory, packs the items safely and securely, and then promptly ships it out to your customers. Each customer receives automated emails containing confirmation receipts and shipment notifications.

Pick Pack Services Miami Includes:

  • Pick, pack & ship within 24 hours (next business day) of order receipt
  • Order processing via manual order entry, CSV file uploads, or XML file
  • Integration with your shopping cart or other E-commerce systems
  • Reports of inventory, orders, shipped, and more

We are committed to managing your goods at our Miami fulfillment storage center. We will house your cargo in our secure fulfillment warehouse and distribution center. Upon your request, quickly pick, pack and ship your goods within hours, of receiving an order. Our Miami fulfillment warehouse staff picks, packs and ships hundreds of customized orders daily to multiple locations throughout Latin America.

Do you have more than one package going to the same area? We can help you save time and money with our pool distribution services, while giving your customers the same great service they’ve come to expect by offering smaller size order requirements with more flexibility and order frequency. Our direct-to-store shipping saves your retail customers money and those savings can help you retain them as customers, while helping them preserve their customers as well. It’s a win-win-win situation.Pick Pack Services Miami

Additionally, our pick, pack, and ship fulfillment team supplies multiple companies and distributors with just in time deliveries. We primarily ship to businesses, but also ship to consumers on behalf of our clients. All our clients have access to our easy-to-use Shopify system and it’s administrative dashboard for ordering and inventory tracking. Our exclusive warehouse inventory management software notifies you when your goods need to be re-ordered, so we can help you prevent depleted stock or delays in processing on-demand orders.

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