Should Ask Questions (SAQs)

Should Ask Questions (SAQs)

Can the quoted rate change?

Yes, it can change if the initial information was not accurate.

Are there any additional fees, or miscellaneous charges?

No, not unless you didn’t provide the complete information and if so, you will be made aware of them.

What kind of service do I need? Do I need port to port, port to door, door to port, or door to door services?

It all depends on the terms that you agreed with your supplier, freight forwarder or custom broker.

Can the supplier or the seller of the merchandise load the container when there is enough for a full container load?

Yes, this will save you money because the seller will load the container at no charge most of the time, also you don’t have to pay for the inland freight from the seller to the freight forwarder.

Can the supplier or the seller of the merchandise deliver the loose cargo (less than container load) directly to the shipping company?

Yes, but you should make sure that the cargo is complete and properly packed and labeled.

Where is the cargo, where is the final destination and from what port do you want to ship from?

This question is important because you always want to know from what city is the cargo leaving and to what city is the cargo arriving, because it may not be your best choice.

What is the size/weight/dimensions/value of my cargo?

By knowing the answer to those questions we can recommend different shipping options and pricing to consider.

Depending on the kind of cargo, what container size should be used?

You should use the container size that guarantees the integrity and safety of the cargo. Some cargo is fragile and you cannot stack them up and in the case of liquids they can spill if you put weight on top of it.

When shipping small freight which is better to use, air or ocean?

Air is better if you are shipping between 50 to 400 lbs. because of the minimum freight charges and other charges at destination.

How do I know the way my cargo is packed? Do I need additional packing/loading services?

We recommend additional packing when shipping loose cargo or when the cargo is very fragile or very expensive.

How do I know if my cargo is considered hazardous? If so, does it need to have the IMO, which is required by my freight forwarder?

Yes, you must provide the IMO. You should get it from the seller or we can contact a company who specializes in issuing this document and making sure the packing is in compliance with government regulations.