Supply Chain Solutions Florida

Supply Chain Solutions Florida

Supply Chain Solutions FloridaIn its simplest terms, a supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.  Moving goods from point A to point B may seem simple at the outset, but often all that goes into the design, implementation, and execution of maximizing resources while minimizing cost can be significantly more complex.  Supply chain solutions Florida has close parallel to project management in that you have multiple constraints similar to the triple constraints triangle which consists of Scope, Time, Cost, and Quality.  The first three are the core of the triple constraint.  It is typically said “Pick two” as they have inverse relationships.  If you increase the size of the scope, either the amount of time it will take or the cost involved will increase.  You can’t have both.

We provide a wide array of services in support of our clients from consulting, to management of their supply chain, transportation, materials, distribution, and strategic sourcing.  We integrate business process, technology and your company culture to design and develop strategies and a plan of action so you can implement strategic improvements that get near and long-term results.  We analyze your supply chain and make recommendations that deliver true business value.

So, how does this benefit you?  How about creating a process that requires less inventory, develops a leaner, more agile supply chain?  The bottom line… savings that frees up your cash.  A streamlined supply chain results in higher quality, lower cost, more efficient delivery, improved market share and lower business risk.  What more could you ask for?

Our process is structured to obtain maximum results.  We analyze your supply chain and make recommendations that deliver genuine business value.  Our full-circle process begins with Assessment of your current supply chain system.  Through a thorough investigation of your business strategy and how it connect to your supply chain performance provides us a solid foundation on which to base our analysis and conclusions. It includes detailed information gathering and evaluation of current operational processes and enables business modeling and solution planning.

Every client is unique and every design is customized to provide you the best solution for your business. Our logistical process design helps you develop a clear understanding that successful supply chain networks are about more than transportation. It’s about how Latin American suppliers, customers, and products come together to create an effective and efficient logistical and supply chain network.

Once we have the design, we then embark on the development of systems and procedures that will systematize your business processes so that you can produce consistent results time and again.  Throughout the development and implementation process our specialists will monitor processes via feedback and cloud-based systems to ensure flawless integration of your custom system to ensure you receive maximum ROI.

Supply Chain Solutions FloridaWe are committed to quality assurance and continuous improvement to keep everyone focused and effective. It’s all about implementation. When you’re more nimble as an organization, forge better relationships with your customers, and achieve optimal visibility throughout your supply chain — that’s when we’ll both know that we’ve accomplished our mission.

GV USA Logistics – supply chain solutions Florida is the 3PL provider of choice for thousands of SMBs throughout Latin America and we’re not resting on our laurels.  We are embracing the CSCMP SCM Process Standards throughout our operations in Miami, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.  For those uninformed, the Process Classification Framework consists of five Operating Processes and seven Management and Support Services.  

Hundreds of organizations and their corporate leaders recognize what logistics professionals have known for a long time: high-caliber logistics performance can have a significant impact on a company’s market share and profitability.  The evidence is compelling.  Best-in-class organizations spend 35% – 50% less on Supply Chain Management than median performers according to the Performance Measurement Group.

Based on this recognition, logistics performance management has become a hot topic in the industry.  Many companies across a broad range of industries are implementing the concept of a “dashboard” to measure end-to-end process improvement.  In addition, industry associations and even universities around the world are offering workshops and seminars on performance metrics. 

However, far too many executives still fail to understand a fundamental concept: Improvement in performance measurements is driven in a large part through implementing improved processes.  Too often, organizations see the implementation of performance metrics as a panacea.  Six months to a year later, far too many of these same companies discover that after investing considerable resources to implement their “dashboard” discover the end results are not the expected performance gains.  What they failed to realize is that performance metrics are only a part of the process, it’s essential to combine your business measurements with qualitative process analysis and real improvement efforts on core processes.  Simply spending less doesn’t always translate into higher performance.  GV USA Logistics – supply chain solutions Florida is implementing just such business measurements combined with qualitative process analysis and we expect to see genuine improvements in our core processes in 2015.

Supply Chain Solutions FloridaAlthough industry association, consulting companies, and trade magazines have often shared best practices and case studies, there hasn’t been a set of published standards until now.  The SCM Process Standards are designed to be used as reference tool to help organizations identify potential gaps throughout a broad spectrum of their supply chain processes.  Our executive management and frontline managers are using these tools to identify process strengths and weaknesses, and then focusing their attention on those areas where improvement efforts will drive the greatest benefits.

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