Third Party Logistics Provider in Miami


Without Risking Significant Delays, Hijacking, Shrinkage,

Customs Fines or Confiscation

If you’re a Latin American Business owner and are searching for timely ways to securely and affordably ship your goods from the USA and other parts of the world, I’d like to show you the secret to secure, hassle-free delivery of your cargo.  In fact, I’d like to show you exactly how to find the absolutely best value added logistics provider in the business with no hassles, no hidden costs, in less time, and with a higher degree of confidence than you would relying solely on referrals.

My name is Jorge Garcia; I am the President of GV USA Logistics.  We are the most referred third party logistics provider in Miami.  And we have earned this reputation by always delivering for our clients and vendors – EVERY TIME, WITHOUT EXCEPTION for more than 30 years.  Our attention to detail is unmatched in the industry and is why we have a 99.5% on-time delivery rate for our clients over the past 34 years.

Third Party Logistics Provider in MiamiIn a recent survey of the freight forwarding and customs broker industry it was found that people without inside knowledge of the industry get burned more often than not because they put too much emphasis on price.  Without knowing the right questions to ask of logistics companies, freight forwarders and customs brokers, businesses may leave themselves open to HUGE vulnerabilities that could potentially cost them $1,000’s of dollars in excess fees and fines or risk having their goods confiscated if EVERY detail is not documented according to the proper regulations.

For instance, did you know that if there is any discrepancy between your bill of lading and the actual goods in your shipment, you can be fined 10% of the value of your shipment?  And do you know what type of goods require that import taxes be paid before the goods are shipped?  This mistake could cost you more in fines than the cost of your entire shipping?

In a follow up survey it was found that 90% of respondents admitted they didn’t know the right questions to ask their freight forwarder or customs broker in order to understand all the pitfalls that lay before them as they began the research process of finding the best logistics company for their particular needs.  That same group said they would have paid up to 25% more if they had been aware of the important and relevant issues involved in the process to ensure they were working with a quality vendor who guarantees fast and safe delivery of their goods and has hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers in every industry.


  1. How Soon Do You Need It? 

Communicating how soon you need your goods at your destination will immediately let your logistics company know whether your cargo will need to be shipped via boat or plane.  Obviously ocean transport will take longer, but will be less costly.  If your shipment must arrive in three to seven days, it may have to go by air.  Each scenario will greatly affect the overall cost. 

  1. Where is it going?

Where you need your cargo delivered can significantly affect the overall time and cost.  There will be considerable differences between a shipment going to Barranquilla, Colombia and one going to Buenos Aires, Argentina or Santiago, Chile.

For example, ocean shipments from Miami to Barranquilla, Bogota, or Cartagena, Colombia will normally take 10 days to clear customs.  Delivery by air will normally take three days to clear customs.

  1. How much will my shipment cost?

As in any business transaction it is always wise to get estimates from multiple providers before choosing one.  However, a few things to be aware of is that there are always some unknowns in the process and therefore an experienced logistics provider such as GV USA Logistics will provide you with a range of a minimum and a maximum cost based on their experience. Third Party Logistics Provider in Miami

The first questions a quality logistics provider will ask you is “Where is it going?” and “How soon do you need it?”  That will let them know whether your goods will need to be shipped via air or sea.  Their next question will be “Do you have a customs broker?”  In GV USA Logistics experience over the past 30+ years, about 80% of their clients already have a customs broker.  For the other 20% GV USA Logistics has long-standing relationships with a number of experienced customs brokers in each country to which they ship.

Did you realize the number of variables involved mean that a reputable logistics provider will give you a range of costs involved; minimum to a maximum in your initial estimate.  Costs involved in shipping any cargo include items such as the type of goods, the value, size, weight, packing, labeling, permitting, co-mingling, insurance, licenses, and inland freight constitute just a sampling of all that goes into safely and securely shipping of cargo whether by air or ocean.  Logistics providers essentially orchestrate the entire movement of goods from the point of origin to destination in the most efficient and effective cost-conscious manner.  Logistics providers are commonly called the “Architect of Transport.”

Cargo is charged by the weight, volume, and the value of the goods.  GV USA Logistics has full time staff experienced with proper packing, labeling, and loading which is critical to safe and secure transport.  We also have extensive knowledge of documentation requirements, regulations, transportation costs, customs, and banking practices in all of the countries to which we ship.

  1. Who is responsible for getting your goods to Miami?

You have several options.  You can have your vendor ship your goods, you can personally arrange for shipment, or you can have GV USA Logistics take care of the delivery.  The thing to keep in mind is cheaper is often NOT better.  If you do it yourself, be sure to use a well known national carrier who has a long standing reputation, is insured and bonded.  Did you know that it is not uncommon for trucks to be hijacked and goods stolen in transport – particularly if you choose the cheapest carrier?  GV USA Logistics has established relationships with LTL trucking companies that GUARANTEE safe delivery of your goods to their Miami processing center.  We provide premium “door-to-door” service that includes correct filing of export documentation, all arrangements with carriers, packing, crating and storage needs at competitive rates.

  1. What permits are required for my goods? Who is responsible for obtaining them?

Permits are required for various types of products such as hazardous materials determined by the international Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  GV USA Logistics will ensure you have all required permits for goods in your shipment and will document, properly pack and label all cargo according to the specifications.  This can be one of the most critical processes in preparing your shipment for fast and hassle-free delivery.  Logistics providers and freight forwarders work hand-in-hand with customs brokers who are intimately familiar with any given country with which they are licensed to operate.

  1. Who is ultimately responsible for the accurate documentation of the shipment?

Third Party Logistics Provider in MiamiBoth you as the client, GV USA Logistics (GUL) and your customs broker are all jointly responsible.  GUL will prepare your goods for transport and once properly packed, labeled, and documented, it is the customer who must sign off on the shipment stating that all information is accurate and correct.  This ensures that what you intended to ship is what actually ships.

  1. What taxes MUST be paid BEFORE goods are shipped?

Textiles which are classified according to their component fibers into silk, wool, linen, cotton, such synthetic fibers as rayon, nylon, and polyesters, and some inorganic fibers, such as cloth of gold, glass fiber, and asbestos cloth.  The most common type of textile is clothing.  When shipping textiles (clothing), you MUST pay taxes on them before merchandise is shipped.  If they arrive before the taxes have been paid, the client can often end up paying more in fines than the shipping cost.

A Little Mistake That Cost a Business $5,739 in Customs Fines

Recently a retail outlet in Bogota, Columbia was working with logistics company they had used a number of times before and have had good experiences.  However, on their last shipment of clothing from the USA, the freight forwarder had delivered shipment to the Vessel Ocean Common Carrier (VOCC) shipping line and the palletized boxes were labeled “Do Not Ship Until October 15th.”  However, an employee at the shipping company did not see that notice and shipped the goods on October 1st. When they arrived at customs in Barranquilla it was discovered that the shipper had not yet paid the taxes on the shipment.  That resulted in fine of $5,739 because according to the regulations, taxes MUST be paid BEFORE goods are shipped and the client was planning to pay them on or about October 10th.  This fine amounted to MORE than the cost of the shipping.

“The ONLY way to compete on price is to cut corners, and when you cut corners in this business,

You exponentially increase the likelihood

Your customer will have a negative experience.” 

The Bottom Line:

“Do You Want Your Goods Delivered Cheaply – or Fast and Right?”

“Do You Want Your Cargo Shipped Cheap – and Take a Chance That It May Be Delayed, Hijacked, Fined, or Confiscated?”  It’s Your Choice.




Get Multiple Bids First.  Ask the Above Questions.  Compare It Against These Standards.  If It Doesn’t Stack Up, Shouldn’t That Tell You Something About Integrity?  Trust Your Gut Feeling.

Whose fault is it when you ship your goods with the cheapest logistics provider who quotes you a price far lower than anyone else and it ends up being delayed, damaged, hijacked, fined, or confiscated by customs?  I say it’s your fault – because now you know the standards by which you should judge ALL logistics companies.  Not every single company out there has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to guarantee fast and safe delivery of your cargo.  Call 305-592-5990 for a free estimate if you’re in need of freight forwarding or even thinking about it.  Visit our website at and download our FREE report “Latin American Business Owner’s Guide of Third Party Logistics (3PL) Process Standards” to help you compare your options in more detail.


Jorge Garcia, President

P.S. This valuable report will help insure you never choose the wrong third party logistics provider in Miami and will provide you with the confidence that you have chosen the best possible provider for your needs now and in the future.