Value-Added Warehousing

Our Value-Added Warehousing includes the following services:

Value-Added WarehousingFulfillment and E-Fulfillment

We provide advanced fulfillment and management of your cargo via outbound orders in support of warehousing activities. We manage the end to end process including order picking, packing, astounding value-added warehousing services, and coordination of outbound transportation. We also offer amazing solutions to support your e-Commerce models including comprehensive value-added service requirements to support your B2B and B2C customers. Client benefits include economy of scale by using the GV USA International Network with local warehouse & distribution facilities.  Reduced investments for enterprise distribution networks through reduced handling costs and lead times.  Our advanced distribution network is designed for compatibility with all industries whereas E-Fulfillment is primarily focused on Textiles and & Retail Industry.


Postponement is a business strategy that maximizes the potential benefits and minimizes risk by delaying customization of a product until the last possible moment. Customization is performed by GV USA on behalf of our clients prior to delivery to consumers. We can provide a variety of tasks for you such as flashing, software load, and product customization. Client benefits include improved market penetration with distinctive flexibility, cost savings from manufacturing, transportation and inventory management. You also benefit from economy of scale and swift reaction time. Postponement is available to any of our clients but is closely aligned with healthcare, technology, telecom and the consumer goods industry.


Repacking/repackaging provides you with selected services such as resizing a product on behalf of a client to drive more reliable and efficient consolidation, storing, shipping and optionally re-branding with the goal of improving perceived quality and reducing your costs. Repackaging give you more flexibility, and greater resources, reduced investments in infrastructure and handling costs. It can also reduce your lead times in certain cases. Repackaging is geared toward technology, telecom, healthcare, clothing and fashions, consumer & retail industries.

Cross DockingValue-Added Warehousing

Utilizing our versatile cross docking is available for an additional charge, but can be well worth the investment. This versatile process involves combining shipments from multiple providers. As soon as are received, they are segmented, and staged for one or multiple outbound shipments to end customers based on specific client orders. Cross docking may include performing additional value added services such as repackaging, labeling, packing, etc. This process consolidates inbound products from different vendors into a mixed product pallet, which is delivered to the customer when the final items are received. For example, safety equipment distributors can source their components from various vendors and combine them into a single rather than multiple shipments to the customer.

Merge in Transit

Merge in transit is similar to cross-docking in that goods for a customer originate from multiple sources and often via multiple transport providers for a single order are sent to a centralized location. There goods are consolidated for an outbound shipment to the end customer based on order specifications. Occasionally, some of the goods will be held in inventory until all components of the order have been received and consolidated. Clients benefit from less inventory in warehouse or interim transport area. It also provides service flexibility and operational efficiencies.

Value-added warehousing provides substantial benefits to all of our clients who choose to take advantage of these services.

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