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Why GV USA Logistics?

Why GV USA Logistics?  Jorge Garcia and Norita Vargas are honest, experienced, and trustworthy partners who know the ropes and will guide you down the path of hassle-free, on-time delivery of your cargo to your Latin American business.,  They have been providing just such service to thousands of companies for more than three decades.

Jorge Garcia - Founder of GV USA LogisticsTherefore, if you are searching for timely ways to securely and affordably ship your goods from the USA and other parts of the world to anywhere throughout Latin America, I’d like to show you the secret to secure, hassle-free delivery of your cargo.  In fact, I’d like to show you exactly how to find the absolutely best logistics company in the business with no hassles, no hidden costs, in less time, and with a higher degree of confidence than you would relying solely on referrals.Nora Garcia - Co-Founder of GV USA Logistics

My name is Jorge Garcia; I am the President of GV USA Logistics.  We are the most referred company in the business and we have earned this reputation by always delivering for our clients and vendors – EVERY TIME, WITHOUT EXCEPTION for more than 30 years.  Our attention to detail is unmatched in the industry and is why we have a 99.5% on-time delivery rate* for our clients over the past 34 years.

In a recent survey of the logistics industry it was found that people without inside knowledge of the industry get burned more often than not because they put too much emphasis on price.  Without knowing the right questions to ask of logistics companies, businesses may leave themselves open to HUGE vulnerabilities that could potentially cost them $1,000’s of dollars in excess fees and fines or risk having their goods stolen (see Inbound Logistics article “The Cargo Theft Threat” to get an idea of how big of a problem this is) or confiscated if any undeclared cargo is found.  (And it’s not just commercial enterprises; see this Wall Street Journal article about U.S. Government cargo was confiscated by Argentina customs.)  Too often, business owners try to include goods without declaring them on the bill of lading in hopes of avoiding paying taxes and import duties.  If customs finds undeclared items in a shipment, they may confiscate the entire shipment – not just the undeclared goods.  EVERY aspect of the process MUST be meticulously planned and executed properly.  If every detail is not documented according to the proper regulations, additional taxes, fees, or fines may be imposed on the shipment.

It is not uncommon that goods are handled by many different people and shipping providers when cargo is transported from its origin i.e. Asia, Europe, or USA to destinations throughout Latin America.  Proper packing, labeling, permitting, and loading into containers is essential.  Often goods packed by a manufacturer are sufficient for domestic or transcontinental shipment, however not necessarily so when transported internationally.  There are times when cargo is moved from one container to another during its journey and if not properly packed, they can be damaged if a heavier item is placed on top of a fragile package.  Additionally, if high-value items are not packed in locked cages there is opportunity for shrinkage due to theft by opportunity.

If you really want to know how to choose the best logistics company for your business, download our Free Report “Latin American Business Owner’s Guide of Third Party Logistics (3PL) Process Standards